Old Guns into Good Lives for Retired Sheriff's Dogs

Guns for Dogs!


The Riverside County Sheriff's Dogs, what we all grew up calling "Police Dogs", work long careers keeping us all safe.  When they retire, there is no more government financial support for their daily care, feeding, veterinary care and burials.  This is where you can help.  For every firearm that you turn over to us, we will donate at least $100 to this charity.  You will also get a California Department of Justice record of transfer, showing that you are no longer responsible for the the firearm.  The one condition is that the firearms have to be legal in California and in somewhat serviceable condition or recyclable for parts.  We will make that determination, when you present them.  If we are unable to accept the firearm for transfer, we will be happy to contact the authorities to have it collected and destroyed.

Guns for Dogs!


The Riverside County Sheriff's Department has long enjoyed the use of highly trained K9s to support the Sheriff's Public Safety and Drug Interdiction efforts.  The K9 Deputies human partners, Deputy Sheriff's live and work with these dogs, day in and day out.  Unlike regular family pets, these K9 Deputies work along side their human partners every day in dangerous and difficult situations, chasing and searching in dark and dangerous buildings and terrain, they help deal with criminals and assist in the locating of missing adults and children.  Never complaining and always wagging their tails, these K9s literally risk their lives to keep the public and their partners safer.

Guns for Dogs!


After several years on the job, when Sheriff's K9s retire, they don't get a pension, but the wear and tear and injuries sustained over their long careers, means that they often need ongoing veterinary care and when they do pass on, they deserve and do receive burials with the honors, which they have earned.  None of these expenses are covered by the county, so your support and kind recognition of these four legged heroes, goes a long way toward giving them comfortable and healthy years at home, enjoying the right to chew up the couch and watch old episodes of Lassie.  All kidding aside, these great champion dogs just need a little help financially.