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First Step to buying a firearm - Safety Certificate Test

Download and study this guide, then come to the store to take the 30 question, multiple-choice exam to obtain your California Firearms Safety Certificate.

The fee charged by the State of California is $25.  The certificate is valid for five years.

Safety Certificate Study Guide (pdf)


The Second Step. The documents you need to bring us.

You need proper identification and proof of residency.  This document explains it in detail.

Document Requirements (pdf)



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What You Need to Purchase a Firearm

California Driver License or California Identification Card

IMPORTANT:  You must have the type that is referred to as REAL ID.  If your Driver License or ID card has the words "Federal Limits Apply" in the upper right hand corner, you will ALSO need to bring either a U.S. Passport or Certified Copy of your Birth Certificate.  We didn't make these rules, but we do have to follow them.  If you are in California on a Green Card, you must also provide that card.

Two Forms of Proof of Residency

Examples of acceptable proof of residency: 

  • Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) Permit.
  • California Driver License or California Identification Card.
  • Certificate of Eligibility (COE.)
  • Curio and Relic (C &R) Federal Firearms License (03 FFL) with name and address.
  • Current DMV Disabled Placard.
  • Current DMV Registrations.
  • Electricity, gas, cable bill with purchaser's name on it from within the last 3 months.
  • Resident Hunting License issued by Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Fishing License: Commercial, Resident Sport, Lifetime, 1, 2, and 10 day licenses issued by the Department of Fish and Wildlife.*
  • Signed, dated and notarized rental agreement/contract.

* You may purchase a one day fishing license on-line at our store, that will comply with the requirement.

Firearms Safety Certificate

You can download the study guide in the FORMS section of our web page and take the test at our store, to get your Firearms Safety Certificate.  EXEMPTIONS:  If you have a CCW, Current or Honorably Retired Military ID card or a P.O.S.T. 832 P.C. Diploma, Federal Firearms Curio & Relics License or Law Enforcement Credentials

Purchase a One Day California Fishing LIcense for Proof of Residence

You may purchase a one day California Fishing License for $16.20, to satisfy your Proof of Residence Requirement.  Click on the button below to take you to the Department of Wildlife License page.  Print out the license or email it as a PDF file to


What You Need to Purchase Ammunition

You need a current California Driver License or California Identification Card.  IMPORTANT:  You must have the type that is referred to as REAL ID.  If your Driver License or ID card has the words "Federal Limits Apply" in the upper right hand corner, you will ALSO need to bring either a U.S. Passport or Certified Copy of your Birth Certificate.  We didn't make these rules, but we do have to follow them.  If you are in California on a Green Card, you must also provide that card.  The ONLY EXEMPTION is if you have a California Certificate of Eligibility**

If you are an out of state resident, the only way you may legally purchase ammunition from our store is by first obtaining a California Certificate of Eligibility**.  This takes several weeks to months, so you should apply for this long before you plan to come to California.  The C.O.E. is good for two years.

To obtain a California Certificate of Eligibility, you must now apply online at  Click the button to the left, to be taken to that site..

Store Transactions Policies

Firearms transactions are highly regulated by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms, as well as the California Department of Justice.  Our polities are specified in this form, which must accompany all transactions.  No exceptions.

Store Policies (pdf)



Our Duty to Sometimes Refuse to Sell Firearms or Ammunition.

Our Legal and Moral Obligation to Make Judgments.

We all believe, as did America's Founding Fathers, that a citizen's right to bear arms, is a defense against the tyranny of the state and an exercise in the duty to protect yourself, your family and even total strangers, from those who would harm them.  Americans have inherent liberties, uniquely protected, unlike most other countries around the world.  Part of enjoying these liberties is our own duty to police our own actions, rather than pawn that duty off to the state.  

For these reasons, if a customer is disruptive or deemed potentially dangerous to himself or others, we may ask him to leave and we may notify law enforcement authorities. 

If you are a convicted felon or a prohibited possessor of firearms or ammunition, for any reason, you are not welcome in our store.  In fact by simply stepping in the door, you may be committing a felony.  If you have questions about your rights, contact a private attorney or visit the California Attorney General's website, for information on how to determine your status.

If you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you are not welcome in our store and we will ask you to leave.

Contrary to popular belief, the possession and/or use of marijuana is a Federal crime and gun dealers are bound by Federal law.  If you are a user of marijuana or other illegal drugs, we are prohibited from selling you firearms or ammunition. 

Our Safety Policies



As a rule, minors who are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian are welcome to visit our store.  We have had situations when parents failed to understand that a gun store is filled with potentially dangerous items.  If children are overly excited and not comporting themselves in a safe and well behaved manner, please don't bring them with you, as we will have to ask you to remove them.  It is too great a liability to have children running around touching everything in a gun store.  Parents often take offense when we have to ask them to control or remove their children.  It's not because we don't like kids.  It is because we want to keep them safe.  We are happy to assist parent accompanied minors, who are interested in the responsible pursuit of safe shooting sports and organized shooting programs.


Every  public  and  secure  area  of the store  is  under  24  surveillance and is  subject  to  video  and audio  recording.    In the  event  of  a  disturbance or  a crime,  recordings  will  be  provided  to  law enforcement authorities and  my  be used  as  evidence.


If  you  posses an  illegal  firearm  or illegal  firearms parts, do  not bring  them  into  our  store.    We  are all  former  law  enforcement officers  and have  a  duty  as  licensed firearms dealers, to  obey  and  comply  with all  laws.   If  you disclose any  illegal  actions  in  the  securing  of your  firearm that will preclude us from helping  you  in  any  transaction  related  to that firearm and  will  likely result in  a permanent refusal  to accept your business.    We  agree  that  most firearms  laws,  particularly those  of  the  State of California, are  unconstitutional and  every  effort  should  be pursued  to  have  them  overturned by the  courts.    Until that happens, we follow  all applicable  laws.   If  we discover  that a firearm, left  in  our custody, is illegal, we  are required  to  turn  it  over  to law  enforcement.    


Many firearms are  not  California  compliant  when  they  leave the  factory.    We  do  have relationships  with companies  that  can  convert  fireamrs  to  comply with  California  laws and  then  import  them  into California.


ALL  firearms brought into  the  store  must  be  immediately presented  for  inspection.    Please allow  us  to inspect  your guns  to  make  sure  they  are  NOT loaded.   As  an  educational tool,  to  prevent complacency in  firearms safety  procedures, if  we  find  ammunition in  your gun,  we  remove it  and  place  it  in  a  display  of all  the  ammo  we  have  taken out  of  “unloaded” guns.

Walking  behind  the  counter  to  view  or  handle firearms is strictly prohibited.      Sometimes we  get  busy and  people  try  and  step  behind  the  counter  to look  at  or  pick  up  a gun, without  any illegitimate intentions.    We  cant can’t assume  that.    If you  do this, you  will  activate  the  security  system and  likely subject  yourself  to  being  seen  as  a  threat, requiring  an  assertive  and  definitive response.    We  expect  you understand  that  there  are  no  shades  of  gray  in firearms safety  and security, which is  why all  staff  are  armed.

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