When a loved one has left you responsible for firearms.

Dealing with inherited firearms.

When a loved one is lost and you find yourself in possession of any number of firearms, it can be intimidating.  First you want to make sure the firearms are legal and that all applicable laws are followed in what you do with them.

Regardless of if you want to keep the firearms, donate, transfer or sell them, you must process the firearms through the California Department of Justice.  This what we do, all day long.  We will provide you with Department of Justice issued documentation on the status of the firearms' disposition.

We can either buy your inherited firearms or sell them for you, on consignment or auction.

The first step is to bring them in and let us check them.  If you are unfamiliar with firearms, please call us ahead of time for advice on how to transport them safely and legally.  If you are afraid to transport them, we may be able to transport them from your home to our store, with you.  We are happy to provide this service and you can rest assured that we will be patient with you and explain everything you need or want to know.